Founding Director

Company Summary:
DigitalShero is a 100% Black Female owned boutique digital media buying and digital marketing company.

Role Summary:
Lead the development and implementation of innovative long-term strategies to facilitate the attainment of shareholder value and established business objectives. Actively participate in the management of the organisation’s daily operations and provide inspired leadership company-wide. Monitor business activities to facilitate high-level company decisions in relations to policies as well as strategies and develop the company’s culture and overall vision. Build and maintain mutually beneficial relations with brands, SMMEs, publishers, advertisers, the government, and media agencies while managing the creation and execution of digital media strategies. Lead paid social media campaign buying as well as management initiatives and manage search engine optimisation for clients. Contribute to the web design and development function, oversee the formulation of creative media designs and frequently conduct digital media training. Spearhead social media management, social influencer management, including the programmatic media platform.