Bolawana (Mags) Shivanda

CEO and Philanthropist

A passionate and driven Angel Investor Founding Director of DigitalShero and the BloemGirlsRock NPO who is an innovative Publisher and specialises in Digital Media. Prior to founding DigitalShero and the BloemGirlsRock NPO, I started my career as an Account Manager for Mediamark LLC where I contributed significantly to the management of assigned portfolios to add value to the attainment of established revenue targets. I then became an Account Executive for Associated Media Publishing and two years later, the Sales and Account Manager for Thumbtribe. I am a strategic thinker and after successfully overseeing the account management function for Thumbtribe I became the Portfolio Manager for AdClickAfrica, a diversified digital media company providing cutting-edge solutions for the Digital Media industry.

I completed a National Diploma in Marketing and Advertising from the Central University of Technology in the Free State, hold a Strategic Planning and Marketing Management certificate from the University of South Africa and I have done the Digital Strategy in Building Brands course with the Vega School of Brand Leadership. I am a firm believer in building and giving back to communities and possess advanced expertise in leading various projects from concept to implementation that build and expand the presence of organisations and their brands. I am passionate about digital marketing and have extensive experience in establishing cutting-edge digital media and buying strategies, spearheading the social media management function, and providing digital media training to effectively enhance brand awareness.

I am an astute Advisory Board Member for IZIKO CONNECT, and I play a huge role in ensuring that the organisation’s strategies and policies are aligned with the business’s overall strategic direction and that decisions are taken in the firm’s best interests. I have been integrally involved in directing the execution of good corporate governance practices and procedures that promote the highest standards of integrity throughout the firm and at Board level and I am well qualified in leading the creation and implementation of innovative business strategies to facilitate business growth and development.

I regard myself as an advocate for change and through my BloemGirlsRock Foundation, I celebrate women from the Free State by showcasing their achievements to inspire and motivate young girls in realising that their dreams are valid.

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My Resume


DigitalShero Media Group

2015 – Present

Founding Director

Company Summary:
DigitalShero is a 100% Black Female owned boutique digital media buying and digital marketing company.

Role Summary:
Lead the development and implementation of innovative long-term strategies to facilitate the attainment of shareholder value and established business objectives. Actively participate in the management of the organisation’s daily operations and provide inspired leadership company-wide. Monitor business activities to facilitate high-level company decisions in relations to policies as well as strategies and develop the company’s culture and overall vision. Build and maintain mutually beneficial relations with brands, SMMEs, publishers, advertisers, the government, and media agencies while managing the creation and execution of digital media strategies. Lead paid social media campaign buying as well as management initiatives and manage search engine optimisation for clients. Contribute to the web design and development function, oversee the formulation of creative media designs and frequently conduct digital media training. Spearhead social media management, social influencer management, including the programmatic media platform.

BloemGirlsRock Foundation NPC

2017 – Present

Title: Founder and Cheerleader

Company Summary:
BloemGirlsRock Foundation celebrates women from Free State and showcase their achievements, so that up-and-coming young girls can realise that their dreams are valid.

Role Summary:
Oversee the development and implementation of policies, objectives including initiatives in relation to foundation activities to foster the attainment of established goals. Participate in the facilitation of computer literacy classes within the townships and provide assistance to matriculants with university and funding applications. Collaborate with a local manufacturer for the ongoing supply of sanitary towels and efficiently run school shoe campaigns. Create strategic plans to maximise foundation funding and effectively maintain favourable relations with donors.


2014 - 2015

Portfolio Manager

Company Summary:
Adclick Africa Media Group is a diversified digital media company providing cutting-edge solutions for the Digital Media industry.

Role Summary:
Acted as the primary point of contact and build as well as sustain long-term relations with a portfolio of clients to create trust, communicate progress, and minimise uncertainty. Collaborated with clients and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of company solutions as per established requirements. Provided strategic direction to teams that are dedicated to meeting the operational needs of assigned client segments. Tracked and forecasted account and portfolio metrics to ensure that solutions yield the desired outcomes and contributed to the overall management of the business development function.

Mediamark LLC

2007 – 2011

Account Manager

Company Summary:
Mediamark is a digital marketing agency specialising in content marketing and paid advertising.

Role Summary:
Spearheaded the national sales account management function inclusive of initiating, developing, and delivering proposals and presentations to the advertiser. Sold radio airtime on behalf of the radio station under the Redmark portfolio and successfully provided the full sales support function to advertisers. Analysed and evaluated the current business, competitor activities, and market trends to identify revenue opportunities that the organisation can capitalise on and monitored the contract administration function to ensure that they are delivered on time to agencies and clients.

Associated Media Publishing


Account Executive: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Company Summary:
Associated Media Publishing is the leading independent publisher of women’s media brands in South Africa.

Role Summary:
Communicated directly with clients and media agencies, maintained a comprehensive understanding of their individual needs, and recommended company products and services that maximise value. Actively participated in selling across all Cosmopolitan Magazine platforms such as print, online, and during events. Managed the implementation of cutting-edge sales strategies and executed plans aimed at ensuring the attainment of individual targets.



Sales/Account Manager

Company Summary:
Thumbtribe provides bespoke and turnkey solutions to media publishers, music labels and brands, honing the company’s technical skills to craft solutions for dumb, feature and smartphones.

Role Summary:
Operated as the lead point of contact for all matters specific to assigned accounts and oversaw the entire customer account management function inclusive of negotiating contracts and agreements to maximise profits. Collaborated with digital agencies and direct clients to ensure that solutions meet established SLAs and oversaw the preparation of media schedules and insertion orders. Performed campaign reporting, delegated tasks to personnel, and fostered a working environment that encourages top-performance and high morale.

What i do


  • One on one mentorship
  • Group Mentorship
  • Digital/Online Mentorship

Mentorship & Development

Mentoring girls and young professionals with the goal of professional and personal development. Main objective is to help mentees improve their skills and, hopefully, advance in their careers, studies, and personal lives. Adept at providing mentees with useful tools and strategies to deal with challenges and maneuver around every day obstacles.

  • Schools and informal groups
  • Corporate events
  • Traditional & non-traditional media

Speaking Engagements

Corporate, motivational and social speaking engagements aimed at a diverse audience on various topics. Subject matter expert on all thing entrepreneurial and digital. As an NGO founder, has extensive experience in speaking to large audiences and garnering support for various courses. Experience extends to speaking at corporate events and delivering highly engaging talks to any audience.

  • Fund Raising
  • Community Outreach
  • Motivation & Upliftment


Founded #BloemGirlsRock, an NPO based in Bloemfontein which has provided computer literacy skills to underprivileged girls in the townships and has also taken it upon themselves to restore young women’s dignity by providing them with self-care packages and toiletries. #BloemGirlsRock Foundation mission is show girls from underprivileged backgrounds that there are women who come from similar environments and challenges as them and have done amazing things in the Free State and all over the world.

  • Digital Media
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Public Relations

Digital Marketing and PR

Founded Digital Shero, a Boutique Digital Media Agency based in Johannesburg. The agency was founded in 2015 and provides digital solutions for clients in order to help them reach their intended market. The Digital Shero team is highly diverse and are a true representation of the South African demographic. The company is committed to building strong brands and assisting advertisers to become the change South Africa needs.


my skills


Strategy Formulation & Execution
Digital Media Management
Project Management
Web Design & Development
Account Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Training & Development
Market Research
Campaign Reporting
Client Relations Management
Proposals Development
Advertising & Marketing Management


  • Driven
  • Analytical
  • Meticulous

  • Innovative
  • Charismatic
  • Strong Work Ethic/li>






The Top 50 Free State Game Changers


Investec Global Exposure Alumni- Media Category 2019

Honorary Award from the Premier of the Free State – Female Empowerment Award


Honouring the youth of 1976 who took to the streets and stood up to change the course of history. Their stance and action firmly launched young people as key role players in the architecture of the nation. The Top 50 Free State Game Changers.



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